Equations of Motion | Derivations

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Equations of Motion-


We have following 4 equations of motion-




  • v = Final velocity of the body
  • u = Initial velocity of the body
  • a = acceleration of the body
  • t = time for which the body is in motion
  • s = displacement of the body in motion
  • n = nth second of motion of the body
  • sn = displacement of the body in nth second


Condition For Equations of Motion-


The above equations of motion are valid only when the following conditions are satisfied-

  • The motion of a body is in straight line (rectilinear motion).
  • The body travels with uniform acceleration (uniformly accelerated motion).


Derivations of Equations of Motion By Calculus Method-


Derivation of 1st Equation of Motion-



Derivation of 2nd Equation of Motion-


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