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Series Combination of Cells | Formula

Combination of Cells-   A single cell provides a feeble current. In order to get a higher current in the circuit, we use a combination of cells.   A combination of cells is called as a battery.   Cells may be connected in the following styles-     Series Combination Parallel Combination Mixed Combination   […]

Cells & Batteries | EMF | Terminal Voltage

Electric Cell-   A cell is a device which supplies energy to charge carriers and thereby maintain their flow in the electric circuit.   By using chemical reactions, a cell produces potential difference across its terminals. When the terminals of a cell are connected by a wire, the potential difference between the terminals of cell […]

Resistivity & Conductivity of Conductor

Resistivity of Conductor-   Before you go through this article, make sure that you have gone through the previous article on Resistance of Conductor.   We know- The resistance of a conductor of length L and area of cross-section A is given by-     If L = 1 unit and A = 1 unit, […]

Resistance & Conductance of Conductor

Resistance of Conductor-   We know- When a potential difference is applied across the two ends of a conductor, an electric field is established inside it. The electric field exerts an electric force on the free electrons and they start drifting in the direction opposite to electric field.     The property of a conductor […]

Electric Current & Drift Velocity | Relation

Relation Between Electric Current and Drift Velocity-   Consider a conductor having- Length of conductor = L Area of cross-section = A Number of free electrons per unit volume = n     Then, total number of free electrons inside the conductor, N = Free electron density x Volume of the conductor N = n […]

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