Electric Potential | Infinite Line Charge

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Electric Potential-


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We have learnt-

The electric field due to a thin infinitely long line charge at a distance r from it is given by-



The relation between electric field and electric potential is given by-



In this article, we will learn the electric potential due to a thin infinitely long line charge.


Electric Potential Due To A Thin Infinitely Long Line Charge-



  • A thin infinitely long straight wire having a uniform linear charge density λ Cm-1.
  • Two points A and B at perpendicular distances ‘a’ and ‘b’ respectively from the wire.



Let the electric potential at point A be VA and the electric potential at point B be VB.

We will travel from point A to point B and write the relation between electric field and electric potential.


Using the relation, we have-



Substituting the values we have-



Here, negative sign represents that electric potential decreases in the direction of electric field.


Important Note

In the above expression,

  • We cannot find the value of electric potential at any one point by taking the other point at infinity.
  • This would yield an absurd result of every point being at infinite potential.
  • We could only find the potential difference between any two given points using the above derived result.


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